Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sept. 16, 2015

Las Vegas

Last day and a half in Las Vegas.  Walked the strip.  Saw a number of free shows.  Decided not to pay for a show.  Nothing appealed.  Saw lots of interesting (strange) people wandering the strip.  Lots of stores on the strip and inside each hotel/casino.  Lots of places to spend LOTS of money.  Latest ‘homeless’ gig – sell cold bottled water to tourists.  Setting up just outside door to hotel which has water fountains just inside probably not too bright but different strokes.  Free shows were disappointing from what we remember.  Short and not very exciting.  Seemed like little imagination went into production of them.  One exception – Mystic Falls in Sams Town hotel/casino which is about ten miles from strip.  Ten minute water/light show with animatronic animals.  Done in interior courtyard landscaped to resemble a mountain stream setting.  Even when show is not on the setting is active with mountain sounds (crickets/birds/etc) and moving animals in natural settings (beaver gnawing tree limb, squirrel moving head and twitching tail several ways, deer twitching ears, bear looking around, more).  During show more things appear and become active.  Show is not on a par with Disney but is Disney like and far better than anything we saw on the strip (where there is much more money to really put on a good show if they wanted to).  Did find a good, reasonable Mexican restaurant – again, several miles from strip.



Leaving Hurricane.  Don’t often see one of these in the morning.



M&M’s of all flavors and shades


Bellagio fountain show

Aria Hotel Wall of Water




Canal inside Venetian Hotel


Inside Venetian

Waterfall at Wynn Hotel

Outside Winn Hotel




Sam’s Town show

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