Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17, 2009


Got hitch receiver and light wiring mounted at Truck Smart this morning. Tried on existing bike rack. As expected it would not fit because of rear mounted spare tire. We went to Roseville to do some Sams shopping so stopped at Rocklin Truck Smart and got an extender for the receiver. We also looked at new bike racks with swing away feature at Truck Smart and several sporting goods stores. Pretty pricy.

Extension moved rack far enough away to mount - but - hitch would not slide in enough for pin holes to match. Also would not be able to open rear door very far. Off to Auburn bike stores. First store could order rack for $460. Told him we'd think on it. Second store: We asked if he had swing away racks. "Like that" he said pointing to rack sort of hidden in corner. Same rack.
"How much?"
"We've had it for awhile and want it out of inventory."

Saved $150. Heavy duty. Fits perfectly. Holds bikes more firmly than other rack. Can open door fully with bikes mounted on rack. I'm pleased.

UPS came at dinner time with dash cover we ordered from Costco. Great fit. Letting it sit on dash a while before final installation.

Taxes tomorrow.

Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16, 2009

Busy week ahead

Finished making the mount for the trucker antenna for the cell phone and data modem (have yet to get that) this morning.

Tomorrow we get hitch receiver mounted on Suzuki. Wednesday and Thursday are tax days. Friday take car to Camping World to get tow plate and aux break system. Saturday we go to San Francisco to see "Wicked". Looking forward to that. Sent e-mail to family members last night offering convertible. Michael and Brian and possibly James are interested. Waiting to hear from others.

Still raining so have to wait to clean and polish Carbus. Checked generator and heater today.