Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010

Houston to Prince George

Day 78


Longer drive of over 200 miles today.  Definite change in country.  For weeks we have been in mountains with everything that entails.  Evergreen forests, cool days and cold nights, twisty roads with little traffic, snow capped vistas everywhere.  Now we are in farm lands.  Rolling hills, mixed/deciduous forests, hay fields, straighter and busier roads, cattle and horses instead of moose and bears. Also much warmer.  Getting close to A/C weather.

July 16, 2010

Short drive day to Houston


Short day but we did do some sight seeing.

There are is a trio of towns called  ‘The Hazeltons’.  Each of them have Hazelton in their name.  They are old first nation villages that have been updated to keep with the times and appeal to tourists.  Lots of historic buildings and info plaques.

A river flows between two of the villiages in a VERY deep gorge.

Here is the bridge over the gorge.


Here is the original bridge. :)


Here is the gorge.


We camped in Houston (pronounced the same as in Texas).  Houston boasts the largest fly rod in the world.

Here it is.

  DSC05207 DSC05208

July 15, 2010

South Again

We left Stewart about 8:00 am.  Overcast but still pretty.  The road between Stewart and the junction with BC 37 passes something like 18 glaciers and 45 waterfalls. We didn’t see them all but did see quite a few.


About an hour and a half south we went through a couple of first nations villages.  These villages have totem ‘forests’.  Totems are most common to the natives of southern Alaska and British Columbia.  One major reason is that there are large trees in the south that do not exist in the more northern areas.  Totems tell stories.  It helps a great deal to know the story ahead of time I think.

DSC05165 DSC05172


We are now in a small provincial park beside a very pretty lake.


Sue and Gladys are kayaking on the lake.


This is the one section of the trip that I did not research or plan.  I just figured we’d see what came up.  So we’ll read a bit about the road ahead and see what happens for the next few days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010

Salmon Glacier

The gravel road to the bear viewing area continues on for twenty miles or so, passing old mines, water falls and rivers.  Eight miles beyond bear area it starts climbing and climbing and climbing.  Eventually it just hugs the mountainside and keeps climbing.  On one side is mountain, on the other is this:


Looking upstream is this:


That is the lower end of Salmon Glacier, fifth largest in Canada.

It is huge.  Largest glacier you can drive to/near.

0714-37 toe of glacier 1

0714-49 Salmon Glacier in the clouds 0714-50 Salmon Glacier in the clouds 0714-52 Salmon Glacier in the clouds

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day and much of the view was in the clouds.  We drove to the summit which has a spectacular view of the glacier but the cloud was so thick that visibility was only about twenty feet.  Looked at what we could and then headed back.

The road to the glacier goes back into British Columbia.  At the border there is a marker.0714-19 US boundary marker on gravel road to Hyder

In this area, as well as further north, the US/Canada border is cleared.  A path through the forest.

0714-20 US-Canada Boundary

Border marker between Stewart and Hyder.

0714-6 Border monument

0714-3 First Masonry building in Hyder, AK, Army engineer warehouse #4


First masonry building in Alaska.





0714-59Fireweed over my head


Tallest Fireweed we have seen.  In campground, right by our site.

July 13, 2010

West to Stewart


Beautiful, sunny, calm, morning at campground.


Drive from campground to Stewart is less than 40 miles.  It is good road but all down hill and some narrow spots.  We left late and took it easy.

About half way down is this:

DSC06620 Bear Glacier and Lake


Bear Glacier







These are everywhere:

DSC06632 Waterfall to Bear River

Typical scenery on road to Stewart:

DSC06635 Hwy 37 nearing Stewart

After setting up in nice RV park in Stewart, we headed west a couple of miles to Hyder.  Back to Alaska.

0714-01 Hyder, Alaska sign


Main street, Hyder, AK

At least 2/3 of the buildings in Hyder are closed.    About 100 people call Hyder home.





DSC06649 Bus in Hyder


Most popular of Hyder’s three eating establishments.  Order at the door.  Pick up at the window.



DSC06650 Post Office, Hyder, AK


Hyder post office




Just outside Hyder is a salmon spawning creek.


This spot is VERY popular with bears and with people who want to watch the bears.  They have built a boardwalk/viewing platform to keep people away from the bears and still watch them catch fish.


The salmon run has not started yet so seeing bears is iffy.  We didn’t.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 12, 2010

Further South on Cassiar Highway


Another four hour drive through some of the prettiest country we have seen. 

DSC06544 Road

DSC06546 Kinaskan Lake, south of Iskup

DSC06555 Iskut River

DSC06568 road

DSC06588 Road mile 145 Cassiar Highway

The drive down into Stewart is supposed to be prettier in morning  (assuming no rain) so we stopped near the junction (to Stewart) at a provincial park.  Very nice.  We are right on a lake shore looking out on a bay of the lake with a nice island in it.

DSC05116 DSC05122



Very impressive tables at camp sites.  3x12 planks heavily finished with urethane.  Surface was like glass.

July 11, 2010

Further Down the Cassiar Highway


Short, easy drive today because the next leg is pretty long and has no good break spots in it.

Started under sunny to partly cloudy skies.  Road still in good shape.  Beautiful scenery.

DSC06507 Road and Mtns leaving Jade City

No animals  :( . 

DSC06520 Horses


Except for these.





We did encounter several miles of road construction (gravel) but that was just encouragement to slow down and enjoy the country.

DSC06516 Gravel Road

We are staying in a very pretty RV park just outside Iskut, BC.  Maybe the prettiest surroundings we have camped in.



View from park.







View of lake next to RV park.  Note rains have returned.






RV park from lake.  Owners parents lived in Auburn ‘till recently.  Ran an antique store in Old Town.  Small world gets smaller.