Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sept. 3, 2016

More On Storm

Yesterday I briefly mentioned what we saw of the storm.  Last night we watched several news broadcasts.  Evidently the strongest part of the storm went over Tallahassee.  Lots of falling tree damage to buildings and power.  Some beach washout.  This morning we drove about 40 miles into Tallahassee to get gas.  Along the way we saw occasional downed trees along the freeway.  Some from breakage and some from waterlogged roots.  Into town to go to Costco.  Went through several intersections with no traffic lights.  Got to Costco and things looked normal.  Gas station was open and a few people pumping gas.  Saw a number of gas containers being filled in addition to cars. Costco store was open but neighboring were dark.  After getting gas we went into Costco to get a couple of things.  Saw lots of shopping carts filled with ice and charcoal and restocking of both going on. Several people buying lanterns.  Recently set up aisle of portable generators for sale stacked two wide and about 40 long. 

Costco was on aux. power.  Much of Tallahassee was with out power and predictions of repair were as far out as two weeks.

Driving west of Tallahassee we saw some more wind damage and signs of lots of rain having fallen.

North tomorrow.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Sept. 2, 2016

After the Storm

Last night, in Fort Wilderness campground we started getting light rain about 10pm. No wind or other storminess.  Rain continued much of the night.  Did not hear any wind but this morning everything was covered with dead pine needles. A few pine cones and small branches on the ground also.  Headed north expecting to see evidence of a major storm passing through several hours earlier.  Saw nothing other than very clean roads (washed by rain?). Wondered what campgrounds might be like in area of storm landfall which was a good break point for our day.  First one we called was in good shape except power in that area was out.  Second one we called had phone problems and we could not get through.  Went there any way to check.  They were open, had space, and had just got phone service.  Campground shows signs of big wind – lots of small tree branches on ground – but no sign of water damage or damage to structures.  Owner said she did not sleep much last night.  She is from Chicago and not familiar with violent storms.  Must have been pretty intense for a while. Right now the sun is out and temp is in 90’s.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sept. 1, 2016

Walt Disney World

No posts for last week.  No time to sit and compose. Six days of pretty much nonstop go from early morning until late night. 

Tuesday while still in holding campground we drove to Disney Springs. Area of upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment.  Everything $$$ and more.  Parking is free though.  Left car and took shuttle bus to Polynesian Resort.  Had our first Dole Whip soft serve. Wandered the resort and then along the lake to Grand Floridian Resort.  Shuttle bus back to Disney Springs and car.

Saturday morning we drove 25 miles to the Disney property and checked in to Fort Wilderness Campground.  Hooked up Carbus and then took a variety of transportation to do some exploring.  Campground bus to boat landing. Boat to Wilderness Lodge Resort. Explore Wilderness Lodge on foot.  Another boat to Contemporary Resort. Monorail to main transportation hub.  Bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Explore satellite lodge on foot including viewing African animals on savanna.  Shuttle to main lodge for more exploring and animal viewing. Bus to Polynesian Resort.  Another Dole Whip (Yum!).  Monorail to Magic Kingdom  entrance area. Boat to Fort Wilderness. Campground shuttle bus to camp site.

2016-08-27 (85)

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Sunday we drove car to Animal Kingdom Park.  Staying at a Disney resort comes with free parking throughout the property. IF parking is free, personal car is most time efficient way to get around.

2016-08-28 (1)2016-08-28 (32)2016-08-28 (80)2016-08-28 (98)2016-08-28 (157)2016-08-28 (168)

Monday we drove to EPCOT.

2016-08-29 (18)

2016-08-29 (66)




Tuesday we drove to Hollywood Studios.


2016-08-30 (30)2016-08-30 (34)

“Frozen” sing along.  This was fun show

2016-08-30 (56)


Wednesday we drove to Magic Kingdom.

2016-08-31 (119)

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Thursday we took a variety of Disney transportation  to visit EPCOT and then Hollywood Studios using the boat canal between the two parks. Bus to Polynesian. Another Dole Whip  Smile.  Monorail to Magic Kingdom.  Boat to Fort Wilderness.

Good week!  We saw and/or did every thing we wanted to in each park.  Thanks to Julie we had rough itineraries for each park and Fast Passes in place for the most impacted attractions.  As it turned out we only used three or four Fast Passes over the whole five days though we had three preset for each day. Combination of early start, efficient approach plan for each park, smaller crowds the last couple of days, and occasional luck. We had a couple of 30 minute waits but everything else was much shorter if at all.  Pretty much we did not stop moving all day, every day.  Will take a few days for us to recharge.


Will try to add a few more pictures and maybe some daily description later.

Dole Whip. Best soft serve ever.