Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6, 2016


Said good-by to Steve about 8:15 and headed back north through Leadville.



North east on state 91 to I70 and then over the Rockies into Denver. 



Tunnel through the Rocky Mountains.  Better known Eisenhower Tunnel (west bound traffic) is just to the left.

Gas at Costco and then parked at the Elks Lodge in Westminster (NW Denver).  Skies are cloudy this afternoon but still no weather.


Trip map to date

May 5, 2016

Twin Lakes, CO

Leaving Grand Junction we were passed by a Budweiser Clydesdale caravan.  Three monster 18 wheelers and several support vehicles.  Their western stable is in Colorado Springs.  Guess they were headed home and they were not wasting any time getting there.

East on I70 toward Denver.



Farms east of Grand Junction


Colorado River east of Grand Junction

Easy drive and no sign of rock slide earlier this year.


Rocky Mountains west side

South on US 24 – “Top of the Rockies” scenic byway.  Over Tennessee Pass and down through Leadville.  Highest city in America – 10200’. 



Downtown Leadville

Past the headwaters of the Arkansas River.  Another headwater to our collection.  A little further south and then a short drive west to Twin Lakes. 


Up the hill to the second home of Steve and Jennifer.  Friends dating back to high school.  Very nice home that he built himself over the last five years.  Very comfortable and a great view overlooking Twin Lakes.  Very pleasant visit with Steve (Jennifer still back east) through the afternoon and evening including a wonderful meal. 



Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 4, 2016

Into Colorado

US 50 and US 6 through some Utah farm and ranchlands. Side note: US 6 goes all across the country.  Two lane road mostly through very scenic country.  Every stretch we have been on has been very enjoyable. If you have opportunity to drive this road – do so. Joined I 70.  Very scenic Interstate. Would choose it over I80 or I10 for cross country travel on a fast road if you want that.

Thirty miles into Colorado lies Grand Junction.  The wine and fruit capitol of Colorado.  We have been through here many times and always enjoy the variety of things to do and see.

Just west of Grand Junction is Colorado National Monument. A long plateau with many Red Rock formations carved in to it.


Colorado National Monument plateau in background.  Colorado River in foreground.

Got oil changed in both vehicles at Walmart.  Third time we have done carbus oil change here.  Timing just seems to work out that we are here when change is due.  Fast, friendly, reasonably priced, and excuse to shop through Walmart.  Sam’s club is right across street for gas.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016

Leaving Nevada

Left Ely headed south on US 50.  Road looks much the same as the one we came in on.


Typical Great Basin view.

We weren’t done with passes.  Still two to go before leaving Nevada.


Junction of sagebrush and Pinion forest


Nevada is not all flat and desert.



Last pass before leaving Nevada.  Feels like home  Smile



We have been here several times.  Skipped it this trip.



The end of this endless stretch and the mountains beyond is Utah.



The Promised Land – for some.  Last chance at a casino is off camera to right.



Never know what you’ll see on US 50.


Got to Fillmore a little after noon. 


Town and specifically the southeast corner of statehouse is the geographic center of the state.  Brigham Young, in what is considered a political move, named the town ( Fillmore ) and the county (Millard) after the then president.

Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016

Lonely Road

Wakened this morning at 6:45 by Charlie and Joe knocking on the Carbus door.  Their parents  had kept them in the house for 45 minutes before that.  Dress and then into the house to ”play” a couple of games before breakfast.

Breakfast worthy of a multi-multi-star restaurant (typical when Roland cooks)


After breakfast, hugs and waves and we are off.

East on I80 to Fernly and then on US50alt to Fallon.  Fill with gas and then east toward Ely on US50 – “The Loneliest Road in America”.    Driving across Nevada is a necessary evil to get to Utah and beyond and this is our favorite way to do it.  It is long(over 320 miles), desolate(only two named “towns” along the way and almost nonexistent services even there), narrow (very nice roomy two lane as opposed to four lane interstate), long straight stretches mixed with easy climbs over seven passes(I80 just long and flat through desert all the way).  The road was very busy today.  In the past we have met maybe 20-30 cars coming from the other direction and been passed by 5 or 6 cars.  Today, in the 320 miles we might have met 80-90 cars and were passed by 10.

Views along the Loneliest Road


Monster sand dune


Long and straight



Over a pass





Beat that view I80  !



We saw several of there hay trucks.  No idea where it is coming from or where it is headed.  Sure a long way to move hay.




Entering Ely, NV

Long day.  Got to Ely about 3:15pm.  Set up in casino RV park then inside to register and get our complimentary margaritas. Smile


Map of our travels.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 1, 2016

New Journey Begins

Last minute packing.  Walk through of house.  We’re off.

Easy drive over mountains to Reno with minimal traffic.

Brief stop for photo op.


Donner Lake

Reached Reno about 11:30 in morning.

Afternoon with three grandkids (and their parents). 


We will spend the first week of the trip recuperating from those seven hours.

Link to travel map