Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11, 2014

Nothing Exciting, Just moving on day by day

From Lincoln City we kept moving north along the coast and then across the top of NW Washington.  Weather still comfortable.  Past Port Angeles and then south.  Weather started to warm and traffic got nasty.  Cannot imagine living anywhere within 75 miles of Seattle metropolitan area. Took nearly two hours to go about ten miles the morning we left the area (10th). Stayed last night in Wenatchee  (apple capitol of the world) and it was a very warm night. Add to that the smoke from the very large fire several miles north.  Glad to move east this morning.  Clear skies but still warm.  Tonight we are in Grand Coulee and will watch the laser show.  Tomorrow to Spokane to see Mike and Gladys and then east to some mountains and maybe a thunder storm or two.

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6, 2014

Personal Historical Replay


First – Happy Anniversary Ken and Julie!

Several years ago, Sue says it was 5 years, when we stayed in Lincoln City we went to a blown glass art studio and I made (with much help and guidance) a glass bowl.  That bowl has a story which I will not replay here.  We were back in Lincoln City and I had an urge to make another bowl.  Last time we walked in to the studio and made a bowl.  This time we had to wait ‘till the next day for a late afternoon appointment.  Was able to make appt. with same resident artist I worked with last time.  So, this morning was mostly sit and spin wheels in campground waiting to go to town.  About 2:00 we went to town and did some shopping and then to studio.  Watched several people make different items and then hooked up with Kelly (artist) to make bowl.  Similar to last time but different colors.  No mishaps this time. Smile  Completed bowl into curing oven to cool properly.  Will pick up tomorrow AM.

P1100010Gathering glass

P1100013Adding color

P1100041The blowing part of glass blowing

P1100042Artist and helper big wind

P1100049Doesn’t look like a bowl

P1100055A vase?

P1100059More like it.

P1100065Adding base.

P1100082Finished product ready for cool down oven.

July 5, 2014

Reliving Some Earlier Experiences

Yesterday we spent the night at an Elks Lodge in Newport, Or.  The lodge is on a hill and overlooks the harbor.  The town fireworks are launched over the harbor.  Turns out the lodge is an excellent viewing spot.  The parking lot and streets around the lodge were filled with cars of locals there to view the show.  We just walked a few yards from the Carbus.  Lots of extraneous private fireworks for an hour prior to the city show.  City show was good.

  About a half hour of continuous fireworks. 

Drive yesterday and today was over road previously traveled and past familiar sites and views.  Tonight we are in Lincoln City.  Different campground, same river.  Tomorrow I hope to make another glass bowl with the help/guidance of the same artist as the last time.  Looking forward to it.

Wifi where we are camped is nonexistent so this will not be posted for a day or two.