Friday, November 25, 2011

November 25, 2011

On Hold in Ventura

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  We are still hanging out here for a bit longer.

Here is an updated map of our trip to date.  One piece yet to go.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Novenber 21, 2011

To Ventura

If one has to travel the LA freeways on Monday morning there are two good ways to do it.  One is leave at 2:00 in the morning.  The other is to start in the middle and travel out of town which is what we did.  Our trip from Burbank to Ventura was pretty much smooth sailing @ 50 mph plus all the way.  Staying away from the right hand lanes at freeway intersections (basically one slow moving parking lot joining another even slower parking lot) traffic was fine.  This pleasurable experience was made more so by the clean air.  Again the rain.  Today was sunny and crystal clear with blue skies.  the mountains were clean and clear and looked like cutouts pasted on a blue backdrop.  Again something not seen much in So. Cal.

We are now parked in the driveway at Sue’s mothers house where we will be through Thanksgiving.

November 20, 2011


Sunday.  A better time to travel Southern California freeways.  It is never good but Sunday morning is better.

When we left in the morning the sky was overcast and it was chilly.  Started to get occasional sprinkles about Pasadena and as we arrived at Michaels house in Burbank about 11:00am it was just beginning to rain lightly.  We parked the carbus in his driveway, visited for a bit, had lunch, and visited some more.  All the time the rain was increasing.  He suggested visiting Griffith Observatory.  Off we went.  By now the street gutters were all full to the point that flowing water reached a quarter way into the streets on both sides creating one lane residential streets and two lane main arteries that usually are four or six lanes wide.  We crossed over the LA River, normally a very wide dry concrete ditch.  It was full and flowing fast. As we went through the park the first road to the observatory  was closed for construction.  Skip around the hill to another road.  We start up this road with water rushing on each side of us and often across the road.  The storm drains are expelling water rather than taking it in.  A mile or so up this road we find it closed – water and slides.  There is a third road.  We take it.  Still lots of water and some rocks on the road but passable all the way up.  Best time to visit Griffith Observatory is in the middle of a heavy rain storm – at least for parking.  Got a space right in front.  Can be a half mile walk on busy days.  Of course seeing sun and stars is hampered but there is still much to do and see.  The observatory just completed a multi-million dollar renovation and expansion a few years ago.  Lots of interactive exhibits and displays.  Lots of education available with out realizing it.  There is also a state of the art planetarium.  We watched a 30 minute star show and another show in a brand new underground theater that was donated by Leonard Nemoy.  About 5:00 we went outside.  The rain had stopped and the clouds were lifting.  We were treated with something many LA residents don’t get to see.  Crystal clear view of Hollywood and Los Angeles with all the lights and the sun just setting.  The rain had washed the air clean and we could see for miles.  Pretty neat. 


DSC04773 DSC04778 DSC04779

The sky was actually much darker than these pictures indicate.  The camera compensated and I didn’t get a chance to fix them.  Easier to see detail in these though.  That is not a reflecting pool in the lower picture.  It is water in the parking lot.

Down the hill and out to dinner at a BBQ diner.  We spent over seven weeks in the heart of rib country and go to Burbank to get some.  Go figure.