Friday, October 4, 2013

Oct. 4, 2013

Leaf Peep VII

Northeast corner of Pennsylvania.  Land changes a bit.  Still hills but more rounded and scattered with nice neat farms.  Between the farms and on the hillsides are lots of trees, most in full color.  Interesting mix.  Some trees have not changed color at all and others have lost all their leaves.  And all stages in between.  As we moved west across northern Pennsylvania the color change seemed to be about one to two weeks behind what we saw in New England.  Lots of color but also lots of green and those early birds that were bare and ready for winter.

We stayed at a campground near Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon.  Very deep canyon (actually two merging to one).  Hillsides covered with trees that should be spectacular in a couple of weeks.

Text stop, Hwy 17, NY

First time we have seen this.  Read the sign.

New York HillsideHancock, NYPennsylvania pumpkins

What to do with surplus pumpkins.

Pennsylvania hwyPennsylvania HighwayPennsylvania Elk Ski ResortPennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaPennsylvania, Susquehanna RiverPennsylvania, Grand Canyon

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oct. 3, 2013

Leaf Peep VI

New York didn’t disappoint, at least the route we took.

New York, Fall is in the AirNew York, Hwy 4, Adirondack MtnsNew York, Hwy 4, Adirondack Mtns, Sacandaga RiverNew York, Hwy 30 SouthNew York, Hwy 30 SouthNew York, Hwy 30 SouthNew York, Hwy 30 South Grand GorgeP1070138New York, Hwy 30 South, Pepacton ResevoirNew York, Hwy 30 South, Pepacton ResevoirNew York, Hwy 30 South, Pepacton ResevoirNew York, Hwy 30 South, East Branch Delaware RiverNew York, Hwy 30 South, Oxbow CampgroundNew York, Hwy 30 South, Oxbow Campground, East Branch Delaware River

Oct. 2, 2013

Leaf Peep V

Vermont did not disappoint.  Similar intensity as yesterday but here we found a better mix of different trees in same area so there was a mixture of colors rather than wide areas of the same color.

Western Vermont is a few days behind with color change but still very colorful.

Some views of the day.

Lost River Campground pondP1060916Leaves falling like rainCity Square, Barre NHMoss Glen Falls, VTMoss Glen Falls, VTP1060996P1060997VermontVermontVermontVermontChurch, VermontRiding behind a JaguarVermont, Hwy 22A

And so,  Auf wiedersehen to New England.  Headed west.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oct. 1, 2013

Leaf Peep IV

The mountains of western Maine are relatively low and broad.  Like a series of undulations across the landscape.  The result is wide, rounded ridges with very wide valleys (miles wide) between.  The roads between locations tend to follow the ridges much of the time.  The colors we saw yesterday were amazing but often what we saw were vast vistas and much of the color was blended and muted because of the distance.

The White Mountains of north central New Hampshire are true mountains.  They stick up out of the landscape.  Highest things in New England.  They are not a range with individual peaks in a row but are more cluster like.  The result is mountains coming together to form deep narrow valleys (canyons) with small rivers and creeks flowing through them.   The roads tend to follow the course of the rivers.  Yesterday we saw spectacular color mostly from above and looking over vast landscapes.  Today we were down right in the middle of it.  And the first part of the drive was in 100% color change with little leaf drop.  Two lane road with dense tree cover on the sides and hanging over the road – colors of all kinds.  When there was a break in the trees you looked over a small river to a hillside washed in colors.  On the other side of the road was the hillside/mountain slope.  Right there, not some distance away, and densely covered with trees.  So close you could see the individual leaves.  Much of the time there were no evergreens mixed in, just a mountain of color that rose hundreds of feet from the canyon floor.

After parking the carbus we drove a loop that included a stretch that is designated an official American Scenic Drive.  This road is on the south of the White Mountains and a couple thousand feet lower than what we drove earlier in the day.  Saw the whole gamut of color change here.  Many trees still green or just lightening,  trees in mixed change, trees in full color change, and a new element, trees past prime.  A number of trees with half their leaves already fallen (starts at the top first).  Drove through numerous flurries of falling leaves.  Kinda neat.  The falling leaves were bone dry and crackled as you drove over them on the road.  Also kinda neat.

Below is a sampling of things we saw today.  Photos do not come near to true intensity of colors.


Crossroads, 115, 3 NHSki Resort, Hwy 3 southBackside, ski resort, hwy 3Hwy 115 southP1060713P1060715Kancamagus Highway, White Mountains, NHLincoln Woods, White Mountains, NHP1060745P1060749Lily Pond, Kancamagus Hwy, White Mountains, NHP1060761P1060765Falls Pond, Rocky Gorge, NHAlbany Covered Bridge, NHCrawford Notch, NHWilley's House, NHMt. Washington, Cog railroad trailThe BasinP1060900P1060902