Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sept. 26, 2013

Mount Desert Island

Spent the first half of the day driving the roads of the western half of Mount Desert Island.  Same island as Acadia NP but more areas of population (villages) and less tourist traffic.





Bass Harbor Head Light

Bass Harbor Head Light keepers yardBass Harbor Head Light


Bridge to Trenton, Hwy 3Natural Seawall, Atlantic view



Hwy 233 under Acadia Highway


Bass Harbor Head Light, view



tide is out

West Tremont

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sept 25, 2013

Acadia NP

Happy Birthday Sue (yesterday)!

Pretty short drive to a campground just outside Bar Harbor, ME. 

Peter Toth Carving

This carving was at the entrance to our campground.  It is done by a guy who has (or plans to have) a Native American carving in each state.  Some how in our journey we have managed to see a number of them.  Google him (Peter Toth)



Spent the afternoon driving the loop through Acadia NP.  Second most visited National Park in the country even with its’ remoteness.  Easy to see why.  This place is beautiful.  Great views everywhere.  Little chilly now but hiking trails and carriage roads give lots of options to experience the park.  Even now, on a chilly fall day, there were many tourists throughout the park.


20130925 -024by the side of the road

Still looking for a moose

View from roadBridge and Wagon Ride

Carriage road bridge.

In the middle of the park is Cadillac Mountain,  highest spot on New England coast and first place in US to see sunlight (on the summit).

View from Cadillac MountainView from Cadillac MountainView from Cadillac MountainView from Cadillac Mountain


After driving the loop we visited Bar Harbor.  Historic harbor village now pretty much tourist geared.  Tee shirts and cups, etc but there were several real gems – stores that sold hand made items made in Maine.  One had Christmas themed items and another had a wide variety of things made of wood.  Lots of restaurants, especially lobster theamed.  And, a quilt store.

Giant Rocking Horse20130925 -12920130925 -131A little Cruise Ship!

Bar Harbor gets cruise ships.  First we have seen of this other than Alaska.  This is one of two today.  Tomorrow, three.  They have to anchor offshore and ferry passengers to town.  In town, many catch bus tours of Acadia NP.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept. 23, 2013

Kennebunkport, Yarmouth, Freeport, Cape Elizabeth, Scarbough

The last few days have been mostly car tripping to see stuff.

Kennebunkport to see large expensive homes and harbors full of boats, large and small.  One house with a famous resident.

This is Walker’s Point complex of homes


Main house on tip of point.


American flag flies daily.  Texas flag and POTUS flag mean that George Herbert Walker Bush is currently in residence.  (Same flags fly when his son is visiting Smile)



Yarmouth – home of Delorme maps and software.

This is ‘Ertha’ viewed from near the top


Ertha is a three story high globe.


Seeing a map like this gives some perspective as to how far from home we are.


We’ve been here too.


Globe spins on its’ axis and rotates to simulate rotation around Sun.


Freeport – home of L.L. Bean flagship store.





Cape Elizabeth – home of a lighthouse. (One of over 60 on coast of Maine)



Portland Head Lighthouse, ME

Portland Head Lighthouse


Scarbough -  home of (among other things I’m sure) a full sized chocolate moose.


Len Libby Chocolates, Moose of chocolate, standing in chocolate

Just to the left of this picture is an ice cream window that sells really good ice cream in several creative flavors.  AND – today was two for one day.  Two huge cones of amazing ice cream for under $4.00.  Double Smile