Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 3, 2010

End of Alaska Adventure (for now :) )

Day 95


We left pretty early to try to stay ahead of the heat.  Overcast in Calistoga but quickly sunny as we started down the east side of the valley.  We took the hilly back country route to Davis.  Narrow, twisty road but carbus did fine.  We stopped in Davis to visit briefly and drop off some souvenier gifts then on to Roseville to gas up the carbus and get a few groceries.  We were home in Auburn by 1:30.  Now to do laundry, deal with mail, wash vehicles, and do maintenance on cars, carbus, house, and yard.  Also have to organize photos and journal the last 95 days events.  It was a great trip.  More later after we reflect for a while.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

South on 101 (mostly)

Day 94


We took US 101 south to the wine country.  US 101 alternates between two lane windy road, four lane highway, and four lane freeway for over 100 miles.  Most of it is pretty picturesque. One section that is now freeway we did deviate from however.  This is why:

DSC08491 Avenue of the Giants DSC08494 Avenue of the Giants

The Avenue of the Giants.  One of my most favorite roads.  We drove the entire length.  Narrow in spots but no problem for carbus.  We have been on many pretty roads in the last three months, each with its’ own beauty.  This thirty mile stretch of road is second to none of them.

We are now in Calistoga in the middle of wine country.  Here are some grapes.  :)

DSC08519 Grapes, North of Healdsburg

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010

Last of the Oregon Coast and into California

Day 93


Today started as yesterday ended, bright and sunny.  It remained clear all the way down the Oregon coast to about one mile from California. 

0801-1 Oregon coast 0801-5 Oregon coast 0801-13 Oregon coast

Then fog.  Fog off and on (mostly on) to Eureka.

0801-89 CA Coast

Even with fog, the drive through the redwoods was like nothing else anywhere.  Even with several hundred miles to go, we were home.

0801-84 Hwy 101, CA

Parked at Eureka Elks lodge which had lots of RV parking.  We got the last spot.

We had dinner at the Samoa Cookhouse.  We always try to hit Eureka at a meal time so we can go to this place.  We highly recommend that anyone going through Eureka do the same.

0801-123 Samoa Cookhouse 0801-124 Samoa Cookhouse