Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug. 13, 2013


Today we went through Hershey, PA.  There are two attractions in the Hershey complex.  Hershey Park is a big amusement park similar to Six Flags, etc. 

20130813 -024

Hershey World is a chocolate related area with a free ride (similar in design to Haunted Mansion) showing the chocolate making process.  There are several other pay-for chocolate related attractions mostly aimed at kids.   Large gift store and even larger candy store filled with everything Hershey.  

20130813 -077

20130813 -063

20130813 -071

The ultimate PB Blossom.  Center is whole peanut butter cup.


On most of our travels so far we have not seen huge crowds of vacationers.   Gettysburg was pretty busy but everything else was pretty tame.  Until today.  Zoo doesn’t begin to describe the crowd inside and out.  Hershey could use some serious help from Disney in crowd and parking  management.

Tonight we are in a nice quiet RV park tucked in some Pennsylvania hills.  Our drive here followed a large creek (could be even classed a small river) and our camp spot is right on that creek.  Driving up the creek we noted it was very dirty and flowing very fast.  Last night we had rain in Gettysburg.  About three hours duration and pretty heavy at times but didn’t think much of it.  When we got set up here and turned on the news we found that it had rained in this area also.  The town we drove through on our way to the park (town is about three miles downstream) had had significant flash flooding.  We didn’t see any of it where we drove.  The RV park does have a fair amount of standing water. This area received over six inches of rain in 3-4 hours.  Nearby spots had 4-5 inches in the same time.  Even a possible tornado. 

Lancaster, Amish country

Hershey is in the middle of PA Amish country

Lancaster, Amish country

Amish farm

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