Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept. 15, 2013

Bread and Bears

Started the morning with a short trip to King Arthur Flour store/bakery/education center.

King Arthur Flour

Good thing this store is over 3000 miles away from my home.  It has everything a person who bakes anything could want and many things most do not even knew exist.  A clerk who has worked there over 16 years said a part of her paycheck still gets spent on something in the store almost every payday.  Again, we spent more time than we thought just browsing the store. 

King Arthur Flour Store

The store has its’ own demo area showing techniques and highlighting various baking items in the store. The bakery has a large glass window that lets you watch the bakers going through all the steps of making various breads – common and exotic. 

King Arthur Flour Bakery


They have a education program where small groups of people can enroll in a class to get up close training in making various items (sourdough bread, and others I can’t remember).

Across the state to just south of Burlington.  Vermont Teddy Bear Factory.


Lots of teddy bears and interesting tour of factory showing all the steps in making the teddy bears.  It was a weekend so no production in progress but tour gave good idea of work flow.  Would have been fun to see plant in action.

Vermont Teddy Bear StoreTeddy Bear Picnic?

Vermont Teddy Bear Store


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